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Fully Funded Scholarships In Canada For International Students

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 Fully-Funded International Scholarships For International Students To Study In Canada 

These Fully Funded Scholarships In Canada For International Students cover living expenses, some are in form of tuition waivers only, while some offer a partial cash grant, and there are also scholarship programs that cover both travel costs, tuition fees, living expenses, insurance, book allowance, medicals, etcetera., and that is the kind of scholarship that you would get to learn about in this article. 

International students are a growing segment of the Canadian student population, with more than one million students expected to study in Canada. While many international students are successful graduates who are able to find jobs and live in Canada, some international students are struggling with financial difficulties. This is especially true for international students who have graduated from high-profile universities such as Harvard or Oxford. International students can be a great source of support and information, but they also face several challenges when it comes to finding a job and living in Canada. International students are often forced to leave their home countries due to economic problems, and they often struggle financially after leaving their home countries. By providing full-time scholarships in Canada for international students, we can help these international students avoid financial hardship and help them succeed in Canada.

List of Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada available to International students

1. The Rotman International Scholarship:

The Rotman International Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship available to students who are enrolled in an undergraduate program at the University of Toronto. Applicants must have a minimum average grade point of the mid to high 80s to be eligible for this program. Keep in mind that the higher your grade point, the more competitive your chances become to get accepted into this program. 

A Supplemental Application is highly important for this program. Academic Requirements for Rotman Commerce include:

This is how the Supplemental Application works:

Students are required to pay a Supplemental Application fee of $50, which is meant to be paid during the submission of your OAUC application. After which an acknowledgment email will be sent to you from U of T consisting of your JOINid/UTORid, your U of T Applicant Number, as well as information on the next steps to take.

As soon as you’re granted access to join the U of T portal, you can now view the status of your applications as well as see what other documents are required. Applicants will be granted unlimited access to practice sessions You will also find detailed instructions about the format of the Supplemental application on the portal.   Learn More About This Scholarship Here

2. Loran Scholars Programs

The Loran Scholars Foundation provides undergraduate scholarships to students who have excelled in academics and, as a result, demonstrate exceptional promise for future success. Applicants must have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 and be nominated by their school or district superintendent. This scholarship is well-founded by 25 partner universities. 

The Loran Scholars Programs offers a comprehensive four-year award to Canadian undergraduates based on merit, character, service, and promising leadership The total value for the Loran Award is $100,000 which covers an annual allowance of $10,000, matching tuition waiver from one of the 25 partners, personal mentorship from a Canadian leader, $10,000 funding for any summer work experience in any sector, as well as annual retreats and scholar gatherings. 

The minimum GPA requirement is 3.5 and the nomination must come from a school or district superintendent. You can find more information on the Loran Scholars Foundation website. Learn More About This Scholarship Here

  1. Schulich Leader Scholarships

The Schulich Leader Scholarships are offered by the Schulich School of Business at York University. The scholarships are available to students who have demonstrated excellence in their academic work and who have shown a commitment to social responsibility. The scholarships are renewable for up to four years, and the value of the scholarship increases each year.

To qualify for this scholarship:

  • -Applicants must be citizens of Canada or permanent residents in Canada.
  • -Must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 and demonstrate exceptional promise for future success.
  • -Must be nominated by your school or district superintendent. 
  • -Must be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate program at York University.  Learn More About This Scholarship Here

4. Chancellor Thirsk Scholarship:

The Chancellor’s Scholarship is available to full-time undergraduate students who are residents of Ontario and have achieved a minimum GPA of 3.60. Candidates must also demonstrate financial need and have an interest in other activities outside the classroom; the recipient must submit annually a copy of their Co-curricular record and statement outlining their leadership involvement within the campus and community in the recent academic year. The scholarship is renewable from the second, third, and fourth year at Calgary University, and the value of the scholarship increases each year. Learn More About This Scholarship Here

5. Campbell Scholarships:

Campbell Scholarships are available to undergraduate students in Canada who have outstanding academic achievement as well as leadership potential and a strong interest in pursuing a career in the humanitarian sector. 

The Campell college offers non-repayable grants to both new and returning students. Bursary amounts are dependent on your choice of a program of study as well as any special offers from the college. Learn More About This Scholarship Here

6. International Major Entrance Scholarship:

The International Major Entrance Scholarship (IMES) is a four-year scholarship awarded to incoming freshmen who have achieved an exceptionally high academic standard in one of the following international majors: international studies, international business, international education, or a related field.

The IMES is open to students from all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, as well as countries around the world, who are entering as first-time undergraduate students. To be considered for the IMES, you must have achieved a minimum cumulative grade point average of 5.0 in your high school academics, demonstrate exceptional academic achievement and intellectual promise, as well as impressive extracurricular and community involvement, and not be nominated for a need and merit-based International scholarship award.

To apply for the IMES, you will need to submit an application form and provide supporting documentation. The deadline for applying is January 15, 2023. The selection of recipients is based on a merit-based process. Learn More About This Scholarship Here

7. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships:

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (VCGS) are awarded to new full-time graduate students at colleges and universities in Canada who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement and have a strong sense of community involvement.

To be considered for the VCGS, you must have earned a graduate degree from an eligible Canadian university, you must have achieved a minimum academic standing equivalent to that of a first-year graduate student, and demonstrated strong community involvement, be dominated by only one Canadian institution, have completed not more than 2 months of full-time study in their doctoral program, must not have partaken, or held a doctoral-level scholarship or fellowship from any of the following programs: CIHR, NSERC or SSHRC. All these are requirements undertaken to complete a doctoral program.   

The value of this sponsorship is $50,000 per year for three years during doctoral studies. The VCGS is awarded based on merit, with no preference given to students from any province or territory.  Learn More About This Scholarship Here

8. Trudeau Scholarships: 

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship Program selects at least 10 Doctoral scholars each year to receive funding for their studies as well as Leadership training.  The Trudeau Scholars are outstanding students who have demonstrated excellence in their academic pursuits, strong leadership potential, and dedication to public service. 

To be considered for the Trudeau Scholarship,  you must have earned a graduate degree from an eligible Canadian university, demonstrated excellent academic achievement, and a strong commitment to public service. The scholarship is valued at $60, 000 per year for three years during doctoral studies. Learn More About This Scholarship Here

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